So you want to make easy money? Then this is what you are looking for!

Featurepoints is an app that you download on your  iOS/android devices. The whole point is : you download apps and leave them open for no more than a minute and you get points for that, points that you can change to money or gift cards. It’s that easy, and it’s not a scam ( you can google about it )! I would never recommend something harmful to my followers.

How to sign up : Go to on your device, and if you want to start with 50 bonus points use this link when you sign up OR if you don’t want to use the link you can use this referral  code : BQM5AR

What you can exchange points for: iTunes giftcards, Amazon giftcards, paid apps, money paid into your PayPal account, and even an iPad mini.

Here’s some proof that it works : 

So yeah, go ahead and sign up via this link or using this code :BQM5AR !

  Happy earnings and if you need anything do not hesitate to message me anytime and I will help you! :)

"The best education you will ever get is traveling. Nothing teaches you more than exploring the world and accumulating experiences"

Mark Patterson  (via clubless)

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